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January 2013

In The Raw is honored to offer a 3 part series, including lectures from Dr. Geeta Maker-Clark, MD, Family Physician and Cooridnator of Integrative Medical Education at Pritzker School of Medicine, Uof C. and Dr. Leslie Mendoza, MD, Medical Director of the Integrative Medicine Program and an Assistant Professor in Family Medicine at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine.  Parts 1 and 2 offer a unique opportunity to listen and ask questions to Northshore University Health System’s premier integrative medicine team. Following each speaker is a food demonstration led by our very own chefs.  The food demonstrations highlight the principals of each discussion as well as illustrate the ease and quickness of preparing nutritional and delicious meals.  Part 3 is a cooking class with In The Raw chefs, providing a hands-on experience on implementing the series’ information and ideas supporting the Doctors’ Elimination Diet.  Cost: Full package, $300, Individual class, $115.  Space is limited. Reservations required.

  • Monday, January 14th, 6pm-8pm – Part 1: Lecture & Demo – Dr. Geeta Maker-Clark, MD presents Food as Medicine

Dr. Geeta Maker-Clark transcends our typical understanding of food, and offers us the science behind the anti-inflammatory, plant based diet.  Part one’s discussion is followed by a food demo led by In The Raw chefs, Kim Polsen and Jade Schulte.  They will prepare dishes illustrating the anti-inflammatory theme and everyone will receive samples and recipes. Reservations Required.

  • Monday, January 21st, 6pm-8pm – Part 2: Lecture & Demo – Dr. Leslie Mendoza, MD presents how and why the Elimination Diet works

Dr. Leslie Mendoza introduces: The Elimination Protocol – kick start your year with a food-only nutritional cleanse.   The Elimination Diet is a30 day, doctor assisted, protocol beneficial to those with chronic ailments and those wishing to identify inflammatory triggers.  Following Dr. Mendoza, In The Raw chefs will demonstrate how to prepare meals not only complimenting the Elimination Diet protocol, but are also everyday flavorful, easy to prepare dishes (samples and recipes included). Reservations Required.

  • Monday, January 28th, 6pm-8pm – Part 3: Cooking Class – Chefs Kim Polsen and Jade Schulte

Rounding out the series is a unique opportunity to work with In The Raw chefs in preparing  meals and desserts illustrating and supporting the ideas discussed by Drs. Geeta-Clark and Mendoza.  Whether a novice or advanced in the kitchen, these recipes will inspire your culinary passions and taste buds too! Space limited, reservations required.


December 2012

  • Monday, December 3rd, 9:30am-10:15am & 11am-11:45am – RAW Food Demo with Chef Adam Graham

Renowned RAW chef and Rawnora director, Adam Graham, returns for two different demonstrations.  Be a part of the action as Chef Graham creates an interactive atmosphere, showcasing deliciously quick recipes, easy to replicate at home.  Taste his creations and then with a few ingredients be your own RAW food chef at home!

  • Wednesday, December 12th, 6:00pm-9:00pm – Glencoe’s Holiday Party on the Parkway

The Glencoe Junior High Program have organized a party on Park Avenue, where a variety of area restaurants will offer a progressive dinner set up on local businesses on Park Ave.  Have fun roaming the streets of Glencoe, tasting amazing foods, meeting your neighbors, seeing your friends and getting to know your local businesses. Register for the Party on the Parkway and enter drawing to win a trip for 2 to the all inclusive, Occidental Grand Aruba Resort.  Reservations suggested and can be made by calling 847-835-0126. Bring your friends!

  • Thursday, December 13th, 6:00pm – Holiday Party on the Parkway in Kenilworth

Holiday Party on the Parkway hosted by the businesses in Kenilworth with incredible taste sensations and an opportunity to win a trip for two for 5 nights at the Caledonian, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Scotland.  Visit Holiday Party for more details and registration.

November 2012

  • Monday, November 5th, 7:00pm: Documentary Screening – “The World According to Monsanto” $25 – includes prix fixe dinner

“The World According to Monsanto” is a consummation of Marie-Monique Robin’s three year investigation into the corporate practices around the world of US Agriculture giant, Monsanto.  The film addresses issues such as chemical pollution, the suppression of scientific studies over the adoption of GMO’s and bovine growth hormone (rBGH)

  • Monday, November 12th, 9:00-11:00am: In The Raw Cooking Class

Chefs Kim Polsen and Jade Schulte will teach guests to prepare Thanksgiving sides and desserts from our Thanksgiving menu.  Guests will prepare their own food to enjoy with a beverage.  $100 – Reservations required.

  • Monday, November 19th, 7:00pm: Discussion with Marcy Kirshenbaum

Marcy Kirshenbaum, owner of Enhance Nutrition, will discuss how we can improve the eating habits of children and entire household.  $25 – includes prix fixe dinner.  Please call (847) 432-9999 to make a reservation.

  • Monday, November 26th, 10:30am: RAW food Demo with Chef Adam Graham

Director of Camp Rawnora, in Michigan, Chef Adam Graham has taught and presented internationally.  He demonstrates how delicious raw cuisine can be prepared easily and quickly. Leading an interactive demo, Chef Graham will prepare his signature FBI: Frozen Banana Ice Cream.  Please call (847) 432-9999 to reserve your space.

October 2012

  • Tuesday. October 16, 11:00am: “Power Foods for our Body and Mind”

Dickinson Hall’s Vibrant Wellness program, presents an ongoing series focused on the mind/body connection, preventative health and overall well-being. In The Raw will be paired with  Edye Wagner, Clinical Nutrition Manager of Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital.  Join us in our discussion of various “power foods” health benefits.

  • Monday, October 22, 7pm: Renowed nutritionist and health expert Karen Malkin discusses “Why diets don’t work, and what does”.  Learn Karen’s best tips to staying healthy with Superfoods during the upcoming holiday season.  $25 – includes price fixe dinner
  • Monday, October 29, 7pm: Dr. Deena Mendes, author “Kicking Cancer’s Ass”

Health coach and holistic chef, Dr. Mendez discusses four major areas of health: 1. food and inflammation/disease, 2. acidity vs alkalinity, 3. detoxification season and reason, 4. Dis-ease: physical and emotional components.  Book signing to follow. $25 – includes price fixe dinner

September 2012

  • Wednesday, September 5, 4:30pm: Equinox Presents “Girls Night Out”

Members and Non Members are invited to enjoy an exclusive, private Barre Burn Group Fitness class at Equinox followed by a fun, price fixe dinner at In The Raw,          including drink flights. Call Gina at (847) 681-7777 x 4245 to register by Sept 2

  • Monday & Tuesday, September 10 & 11, 9am: Pilates Barre Tasting

In The Raw is proud to offer it’s juices and grab n go items at the popular Pilates Barre, located in Winnetka.  We will be sampling our juices, parfait, granola, granola bars from 9 -9:45 Monday and Tuesday.  Products will be available beginning Sept 17th.  For more information contact Karen at Pilates Barre (www.the 847-784-1436

  • Thursday, Sept 20, 7:30pm: Dr. Gabriel Cousens book signing at In The Raw

Meet Dr. Cousesns and hear him speak on the importance of RAW cuisine and the positive impact on one’s health.

  • Friday and Saturday, September 21 & 22, 6am – 11am: Tasting at Equinox, Highland Park
  • Saturday, September 22, 7am -12pm: Tasting at Dist 112 Fun(d) Run, Ravinia Festival
  • Sunday, September 23, 11:30am: Dr. Gabriel Cousens “Holistic Veganism”

Gabriel Cousesns, M.D, M.D(H), D.D. Dip. Ayurveda, Dip. American Board of Holistic Medicineis the founder and director of the Tree of Life Foundation and Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona.  He received an MD from Columbia Medical School and is a researcher and best selling author.  Dr. Cousens has successfully helped thousands of people in the last 35 years, transition to and sustain a plant-source only diet for the healing and spiritual elevation of self and the planet.  Held this year at St. Augustine College, doors open at 11:30.  In The Raw and other vegan and holistic vendors will be sampling products and sharing resources before Dr. Cousens begins speaking and during the break.  To learn more and register, visit

  • Monday, September 24, 8am-11am & 5pm-8pm: Catering Equinox (H.P.) Vernal Equinox Celebration
  • Saturday, September 29, 7:30am – 12pm: Tasting at Midtown Athletic Club (Bannockburn) “Bears Care” 5K and Family Walk

August 2012



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