Why RAW?

Raw food is based on the principle that serving food in its most natural, unaltered state is the most nutritious and nutrient dense form of cuisine. It is a cuisine comprising of naturally grown, wild or organically, and sustainably raised fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. When food is heated not only do the colors and textures change, but you also lose many of the delicate vitamins and minerals that exist within the food. Raw food is also an extremely hydrating form of cuisine. When you don’t cook food, you don’t loose any of the revitalizing water. Although the principles of a raw food diet don’t always adhere to a vegan diet, In the Raw is committed to serving strictly plant-based cuisine, free of animal products in all forms. Although the concept may seem limiting at first, the possibilities that exist within the raw food lifestyle are limitless. We know that you will be absolutely fulfilled with the creativity, flavor and quality of this cuisine- just make sure to save room for dessert!

Beth Taussig

The concept for “In the Raw” was inspired by Beth Taussig’s personal search for answers and holistic approaches to her chronic lethargy and low immunity. First, she investigated her long time vegetarian diet. Realizing her vegetarian diet was still leaving her body deficient, she began researching Raw Juices. This brought Beth to Nourished 4 Life founder, Jessica Schneider, who is a professional coach and educator specializing in nutrition counseling and detoxification. A new door was opened, and Beth quickly changed how she looked at food, her relationship with food and decided to try a raw food diet combined with juicing and detoxification.

Less than a week into her new regimen, Beth saw and felt the benefits of a raw diet – increased energy, overall sense of feeling good and regulated. She was ‘hooked.’ Realizing this type of lifestyle would be much easier to manage if there was raw food restaurant or juice bar in her neighborhood, Beth took the initial steps by purchasing her own juicer. Intrigued, family and friends quickly began asking her to make juices for them. Pretty soon, Beth had a steady stream of “juice followers”.

The fast-casual eatery and juice/smoothie bar is intended to inspire and encourage the Highland Park and the surrounding communities residents quest for improved health and longevity. In The Raw is an approach to preventing degeneration, restoring and amplifying any aged person’s best possible health.

Working as a certified Paramedic, a Cardiac Technician and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Certified, Beth has always been immersed in health and fitness. Beth continues to enjoy leading a very active lifestyle that includes running, water-skiing, cross-country skiing, surfing, hiking and biking. Most proudly, she is the wife of a supportive husband, is the mother of three beautiful girls, and has two very sweet Golden Retrievers.  Not only living a healthy and active life, Beth is focused on setting a positive example for her family. In The Raw is the latest of her examples.

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