Seasonal Detox

With Thanksgiving behind and the holidays nearing, now is the perfect time to detox and keep the temporary splurging from becoming habit. Perhaps it’s an upcoming party, event or a vacation motivating you, In The Raw cleanse programs are the best way to reach your weight goals. With a program line up including juices only,… Read more >

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving, a holiday that most await all year long – the food is literally that enticing! What happens though, when you celebrate Thanksgiving with a nutritious twist? Owner of In The Raw, Beth Taussig and Chef, Kimberly Polsen weigh in on their Raw/Vegan Thanksgiving.   Beth, how do you make a Raw / Vegan Thanksgiving?… Read more >

Healthy Fall Ingredients

In the Raw: Fall Ingredients With Chicago’s rapid season changes, monitoring what you put in your body is the key ingredient for a healthy lifestyle. In the Raw, Highland Park’s living food café is the perfect place to fight off cruel fall allergies. Below, Chef Kimberly Polsen educates us on some of In the Raw’s… Read more >

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