General Questions

Q: Is it organic?
A: Yes. All food and beverages at In The Raw are 100% organic.

Q: Is it Kosher?
A: Though not certified, our vegan kitchen operates kosher style.

Q: Can I smoke on the cleanse?
A: Smoking is not recommended.

Q: Can I do this if I am pregnant or nursing?
A: As a supplement, juicing is fine, but not as a detox. While nursing, the female body requires many more calories than a woman normally consumes.  Milk production depends on these calories.  However, adding fresh pressed juices to your regular diet while nursing and/or pregnant will supply the added nourishment your body needs during these special times.

Q: Can I cleanse while taking antibiotics?
A: In The Raw juice cleanses are a perfect partner for your antibiotics. While antibiotics fight off harmful bacteria they also deplete the body’s supply of healthy bacteria. In The Raw juices are packed with nutrients that support a healthy immune system. An extended cleanse will even help strengthen your immune system to prevent illness in the future.

Q: How many calories are there in a day’s juice only detox?
A: Each day supplies approximately 900 -1000 calories.  However, please bear in mind that counting calories with raw foods and juice is not equivalent to the calories you count on a traditional diet of cooked and/or processed foods. Nothing is wasted here, as the body knows how to assimilate all the calories in raw live foods, whereas a regular diet of 2,000 calories for example, might only have about 1200 useable calories and the rest is “wasted” or stored as fat. We do try to encourage moving away from calorie oriented thinking, as it’s really no comparison. 500 calories of live juice is NOT the same 500 calories as a bagel with cream cheese! We try to focus on the nutritional content as opposed to the calorie content, and flooding your body with live enzymes.

Q: Can I cleanse if I have diabetes?
A. Always check with your doctor first.

Q: Can I do an ITR detox if I am lactose intolerant?
A: YES!!! There are absolutely NO animal products in our juice.

Q: I have a gluten allergy, can I do it?
A: Absolutely! We are gluten free. In fact there is nothing added to our juice.  Absolutely NO additives and 100% vegan.

Q: Where do I get my protein?
A: There are MANY sources of protein other than that which comes from animals. With In The Raw cleanses,  protein comes from our Superfood Powder (16 grams) as well as from our Green Juice and almond milk based Sweet Dreams.
Other great sources of protein, which can be added to your detox, include blue-green algae’s such as Chlorella, E3Live, Spirulina (64% protein), and Green Superfood Powders and concentrates such as Vitamineral Green.

Q: Should I continue to take my multi-vitamins? What about B-12?
A: If your vitamins are food-based, then maybe. You are consuming about 20 lbs of freshly pressed fruits and vegetables every day, which means that that is now essentially your “multi-vitamin.” The only vitamin that you might want to add is B-12.

Q: What if I have Candida or don’t want so much sugar?
A: If you’re looking to steer away from sugar, your best solution is to substitute Greener Pastures for Heart Beet and Hawaiin Vacation.  There will be an additional charge for some substitutions.

Q: Can I put my child on an ITR detox?
A: Children should not do any type of juice cleanse or fast while they are still growing. However, adding fresh pressed juices are advantageous to anyone!

Before Ordering

Q: What do I do before and after a cleanse?
A: Long term results and lifestyle changes come with proper preparation and reintroduction of foods. Before a cleanse, we recommend a gradual elimination of certain foods and ingredients. A three-day RAW food diet is an excellent way to lead into your juice fast and significantly reduce symptoms. The worst way to prepare is to binge eat or drink, thinking it will keep you from feeling hungry or deprived. Binging prior to detoxing INCREASES symptoms and your body is working on eliminating only the new junk, not the old. Post cleanse, stay clear of from dense, processed foods. A three-day RAW food diet is a good way to cleanly reengage your digestive system. Our instruction sheet has more information.

Q: So what level should I do? What do you recommend?
The answer depends on if you are new to cleansing, how long you are planning to detox and whether or not you are ready to eliminate food or incorporate a RAW food diet into your cleanse. RAW food with juice is a beautiful way to cut out the bad, eliminate cravings, and set you on the right path to abundant health. The more juices and less food you have, the more you enter a spiritual awakening as well as allowing the digestive system to rest, freeing up blood, oxygen and energy to work on other areas of need.

Q. What’s better, three days or five days?
A: The length of a cleanse is a personal decision. Varying durations do accomplish different things. A three-day Juice Only cleanse helps the body rid itself of old built up matter and cleanses the blood. A five day initiates rebuilding and repairing the immune system. Extended juice cleanses enter the preventative stage of fighting degeneration before it has a chance to occur.

Q: Will I lose weight?
A: Yes, weight loss will occur as a natural byproduct of toxin elimination – the true purpose of a cleanse.

Q: Do you offer an editorial discount?
A: If you are considering including us in any press, please contact us at

Q: If I know I’m going to do this at least once a month, I don’t get any discount for continued service?
A: We do offer slight discounts. Call us for more information (847) 432-9999.

Q: Can I add days to my detox?
A: Not a problem, so long as we have enough notice to prepare juices and/or food.

Q: Will a one-day cleanse do anything?
A: Most definitely. Eastern cultures have practiced one day cleanses, once a week for centuries. Offering your body a day to “catch up” will have benefits.

Q: What is your cancellation policy
A. We require a minimum 48 hours notice for a full refund.  Less than 48 hours cancellations receive 75% refund.

Q: Is there a waiting list if all the spaces are filled?
A: Yes!  We accept reservations up to a week before start dates.  If all spaces are filled, we can place your name on a waiting list and call you if a space opens up.

Q: What days of the week do the programs begin?
A: All 5 day cleanses begin on Mondays.  All 3 day begin on Tuesdays.  Any program that includes RAW food requires daily food delivery or pick up.  We are not one of those prepackaged, vacuum sealed cleanse programs.  Our gourmet RAW meals are prepared for you fresh daily, and that is how they are inteed to be enjoyed!!

Q: How often should I do a cleanse?
A: A good rule of thumb is anywhere from three days per month to once a quarter. It is perfectly fine to incorporate a detox at any point when one feels fatigue/general lack of energy, sleeplessness, anxiety/depression, digestive problems, first sign of colds, and special events that lead to overindulging.

Q: What if I have more questions or want to order again? A: If you don’t find your answer here, email We’ll have an answer for you within 24 hours. Questions can also be answered by calling us at: 847-432-9999.

Pick Up & Delivery

Q: Why don’t you deliver the juice everyday?
A: In The Raw detox juices are made using the Norwalk press. The Norwalk press, which as opposed to centrifugal juicers, sets itself apart in a few different ways:
1. It has a greater yield of juice and therefore greater vitamin and mineral extraction/absorption.
2. This method is a two-part process, first the food goes through a grinding and cutting method, and then it’s put in the press, which is a much more intensive method. Almost all of the pulp is pressed out which means less oxygen, which in turn gives longer-lasting, tastier, more nutritionally dense juice. Pulp contains air, and when that pulp is left in the juice it oxidizes very quickly.
3. It is estimated that this method extracts 3-5 times more vitamins and minerals than juice from other machines.

Q: Why can’t I get five days at the same time?
A: Because we want you to have the freshest juice possible.

Q: Why can’t I pick up at 9AM on Sunday?
A: We begin juicing during the early morning hours for that day’s pick up.  So, Monday juices are being pressed Monday morning.

Q: How are my juices delivered?
A: 3 day programs receive all juices together.  5 day programs receive days 1 & 2 together, and on day 3, days 3-5 are delivered.  Juices can be delivered in an insulated, portable cooler (deposit required).  Otherwise, you will need to provide your own bag if you are picking up at In The Raw, or one of our partnering studios (Pilates Barre, Winnetka; HardCore Pilates, Highland Park; Shri Yoga Center, Highland Park)

While Cleansing

Q: Will there be instructions?
A: Upon payment, you will receive an email confirmation, including instructions.

Q: Can I have seltzer or sparkling water?
A: Seltzer will contribute gas to your system, so it’s not ideal.  Instead, try a low sugar, non caffeinated Kombucha Tea.

Q: Can I drink Diet Sodas?
A: No. During your preparation for a cleanse all carbonated and caffeinated drinks are eliminated.  We offer amazing, organic herbal teas or try green tea or water with lemon.

Q: Can I sweeten my herbal tea?
A: Stevia is fine.  A TINY amount of agave is acceptable, and should not effect your blood sugar levels.

Q: Will I get light-headed if I’m not eating solid food?
A: On the contrary, one’s mind becomes clearer and one’s ability to solve problems enhances. This is because instead of large amounts of blood and nervous energies being sent to the digestive organs to break down a meal, that extra blood, oxygen, and energy is sent and utilized by the brain.

Q: How long can my juices last?
A: You should consume your juice within 3 days. They are super fresh, completely raw and unpasteurized.

Q: What order am I supposed to drink my juices in?
A: N4L Superfood Smoothie, Greener Pastures, Hawaiin Vacation, Summer Spice, Heart Beet, Sweet Dreams.

Q: Does it really matter what order I drink the juices?
A: Order is important.  Your stomach is empty first thing in the morning, and is able to assimilate nutrients quickly. So we offer the Superfood Smoothie, containing RAW, sprouted brown rice protein (full amino acid spectrum), and over 70 antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – all organic, RAW and ready for absorption. However, respect your body’s needs.  If you are craving Greener Pastures first, that’s okay.

Q: How should I store my juice?
A: Juice should be stored in a refrigerator.  On the go, toss a couple ice packs in an insulated cooler bag, and you should be okay.

Q: Can I chew gum during the cleanse?
A: Chewing gum contributes to gas in your system, as well as, “confusing” the digestive process. What does this mean? Your stomach is getting ready for food that isn’t coming.

Q: Can I skip a juice?
A: Each juice provides it’s own combination of important nutrients.  If you are not hungry at the end of the day, it’s okay to forgo Sweet Dreams. 

Q: Will I have to run to the bathroom a lot?
A: There is no correct answer for everyone.  Some people have a bowel movement 2-3 times a day and others may experience constipation.  The important thing to remember is your body needs to eliminate toxins.  So, if you are constipated, consider colon hydrotherapy or Triphala to help elimination.

Q: Is it OK to exercise while cleansing?
A: Definitely!!  You will be amazed to see that the more you allow your digestive tract to rest, the more your energy gets a boost. Plus, including the Superfood Smoothie will replenish and repair muscles.

Q: What are detox symptoms? Will I get them?
A: During a cleanse, the body breaks down the “bad stuff” allowing regeneration. How toxins exit are experienced as symptoms. For example: when eliminating coffee or caffeine may lead to symptoms such as headaches, nervousness, and shakiness. When protein, meats, and fats are eliminated, you may experience skin eruptions, foul body odor, or a coated tongue.

Q: Will I get light-headed if I’m not eating solid food?
A: Our mind becomes clearer and one’s ability to solve problems enhances. The energy the body would expend to digest our meals is now freed up to support brain function, among other benefits

Q: I can’t eat anything at all? Is it enough calories?
A: Even though it’s a calorically restrictive regimen, you are eliminating the energy required for digestion. This is a real boost to energy for other metabolic processes.

In The Raw