The balance between health and sickness exists constantly within us. By doing and occasional detox you give your body a break from fighting the bad, and allow it to be supported with the good. There are many reasons to detox: general health, specific minor issues, or chronic illness. Almost all illness is an expression of  inflammation or immune deficiency- from the common cold, to skin issues or even more serious diseases – which can usually be connected in some from.  When you remove foods that are the primary causes of these inflammatory conditions and imbibe in nutrient dense juice, you are allowing your body to heal. You will be amazed at the internal healing process that can take place.

Most commonly people come to detox for weight loss. Although detoxing can certainly be beneficial to losing a few extra pounds, that is not the primary purpose. When you detox you will automatically shed excess weight, and if you don’t need to lose weight you probably won’t. A detox is not a starvation diet. It is a health infusion. If you are carrying around a lot of extra baggage, a detox is a good way to get rid of that both mentally and physically.

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